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      Project management

      Co-ordinating and supervising the Contractor, the Developer's construction teams, the Design companies etc., B&S establishes the time tables and monitor the jobs, co-ordinates project cost compliances, adapts projects to standards and regulations. Participates/chairs and conduct meetings on regular base with Client and Suppliers and Contractors to review progress and any actions and decisions required in relation of the project. B&S has a policy of minimizing cost while ensuring high quality performance. B&S supports project close out monitoring of warranties handover of systems and maintenance procedures.


      Integrated procurement solutions achieve efficiency and value
      Our procurement philosophy is wholly consistent with the aims of our business model: apply intelligence and innovation to achieve efficiency and better value for every client.
      As an example, in order to achieve cost-effective equipment procurement, we maximize the time spent with end-users and with recommended suppliers, before the orders will be placed
      Working closely, our procurement process is fulfilled through a centralized approach, which is designed to ensure consistency.
      This results in consistent specification, price, terms and conditions.
      By managing the process through our procurement system, we offer you a perfectly integrated procurement solution from front-end study and equipment procurement to order progression installation. One of the key strengths of our procurement operation is the high level of expertise we offer. Through the operation of a 'Right on Time' methodology, we can ensure that resources are organized and delivered on site at precise stages of the building process.

      Fit up construction management

      Estimate the budget based on each building specification Organise the procurement requirements based on agreed standards
      Act as the local point for communication between the Client, Construction and Designer Team and the Owner of the building.
      Organizes and chairs team meetings, set agendas, takes and issues minutes.
      Regularly monitor progress.

      Property management

      The Property Management side of the business is responsible for the management, care, and operation of all facilities. To meet these needs, the Facility Management Division (FMD) maintains day-to-day owned and leased properties. Building operation and maintenance services include, but are not limited to, engineering, janitorial, window washing, minor repairs and non-structural improvements, Air-conditioning, Electrical, Heating, Locksmith, Masonry, Painting , Plumbing, Welding, Carpentry.
      Energy Saving Management we consider to be a part of greater property management. Here we perform the following actions:
      – District/Building facilities
      – Identifies energy saving opportunities
      – Develops work requirements
      – Installs energy-saving measures
      – Monitors cost savings

Design Survey
General Design Survey for:
Installations mechanical and electrical
Space planning

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